Monday 30 April 2012

Federal Army Specialist Assault Team

The SATs (Specialist Assault Teams) are one of the Federal Armies most unique forces. Unit composition is left up to the individual team's commanding officer. Team Alpha Two Five (SAT_A25) is commanded by two officers, supported by a comms droid.

The main fighting force consists of some of the best hand-picked troopers from the Federal Droptrooper units. These soldiers are given more freedom to pick armour and weapons than regular infantry.

Federal Augments are specially bred soldiers who are taller, stronger and faster than a normal human. They go through intense psycholological and physical training and although they are amongst the fiercest of fighters in the Federal Army they also have a reputation for their high moral values.

By adding a M-6756 Heavy Sentry Gunbot to the unit, you have one of the best equipped and strongest units currently available to the Federal command.

Below is a comparison shot of various Federal troops, showing from left to right, Federal Rifle Infantryman, Federal Augmented Droptrooper, SAT Droptrooper, Federal Marine Officer, Federal Light Infantryman, Federal Senior Officer.

The Federal Army miniatures are a mix of Critical Mass Games ARC troops with an EM4 mech, with some Odzial Ossmy and Khurasan for variety.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Federal M-6756 Heavy Sentry Gunbot

The Federation has deployed two M-6756 Heavy Setry Gunbots to Forsey to help protect Federal forces. These heavily armed droids, who are programmed with advanced indepentent AI, can withstand most weapons that any faction on Forsey can field and their heavy lasers are strong enough to take out almost every enemy armour that they will encounter. Their only drawback is that although highly maneuverable they lack speed, meaning that they need to be transported to where they are needed.

The Gunbot is a plastic miniature available from EM4's Steel Warriors set. Very cheap these. This one has been sitting around for quite a while but now that he's done I'm very happy with how he looks. I'll be doing droid no2 soon.

Eastway City Militia Part 3

The Eastway City's Militia recruitment has progressed well with many new soldiers ready to fight for independent choice for settlers on Forsey. Many non-combatant tech positions have also been fulfilled, ensuring that the armoured vehicles and transports are capable of moving troops into combat zones when required.

The image below shows Eastway Militia Tech crews and Militia Troops.

The Eastway City Governing Council consists of eight permanent members. Pictured below, from left to right, are Naismith Connay, Faal Birmandii, Pierre Gamby and Finn Russelle. These four form the opposition party that stands against Colonel Etevino Cassado's attempts at taking full control of the council.

The City Guard are controlled by Finn Russelle, making him the second most powerful member of the council. Connay and Gambay control the Trading and Manufacturing Unions, while Birmandii is the representative of the non-human residents of Eastway. Birmandii is also the closest to the Federation and campaigns for a peaceful settlement to the Independence issue.

The City Guard, shown below, are the best equipped troops in Eastway but very rarely see action. Their armour and weapons, including the heavy dreadnaught suits, is actually of an antique design that was introduced during the 1st Expansion from Old Earth. In fact some of the dreadnaughts are over 100 years old.

All the figures I've used are from the old Traveller range, most of which are still available from Rafm. The only exception is the alin, Faal Birmandii, who is from Brigade Games Alien Civilians pack.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Federation Polecat - Khurasan's new light APC

Federation troops on Forsey have been reinforced by General Bedford H Baxter and the 5th Infantry Regiment of the New Vistula Legion. This is the first part of a major restructuring of Federal forces which should see state-of-the-art heavy mechanised forces being added to the existing Federal forces.

General Baxter is accompanied by Colonel Bryan Xanthoudakis of the NVL and Major Arran Reid of the Federal Army 4th Corp. General Baxter's staff car a new Federal Polecat LAPC.

Below: Polecat with Khurasan Federal Army and Oddzial Osmy New Vistula Legion

Below: Khurasan Federal Army and Odzial Ossmy New Vistula Legion

Yesterday I received the new Polecat APC from Khurasan just in time to transport my newply painted Federal command unit, which is a mix of Khurasan Federal Army and Odzial Ossmy's New Vistula Legion characters. The Polecat is a lovely little kit with a choice of weapon turrets. I've added the light weapon turret with a tiny bit of bluetac to hold it in place so that I can swap this out with the missile launcher that is also supplied. The model was extremely cleanly cast (although there was one large bubble at the lower back of the rear of the vehicle... I hid this with some weathering - the kit was too good to complain about this fault). I've shown the Polecat alongside Antenociti's Kabardin as a comparison.

The Odzial Ossmy pack of characters is a great addition to their range and brings the NVL figures to life. I'll add the other's from the pack once I get the infantry figures painted up.

I've also rebased my Khurasan Federal Army figures. Next up will be a major rebasing of the Critical Mass Arc Fleet as these are currently based in multiples and I've now decided to base individually - don't ask why, it just happened!!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Phi-1DeeBee, Protocol Droid

Phi-1DeeBee is an old style protocol droid who has found himself on Forsey without an owner. Without sentient rights he is unable to look for work and his only hope for employment is to be aquired as working salvage. Unfortunatly there is little call for a droid of his age and his worry is that he will either be left to power down and picked up as scrap, or worse, he'll end up in the southern wastes where he'll be put into a pit fight against a gladiator droid.

This old droid figure is from the Traveller range and is still available from RAFM. He'd had a few coats of paint when I got him from ebay so there's a little bit of detail lost, especially at the eyes, but all in all he's still a nice wee figure.

Monday 2 April 2012

Eastway City Militia Part 2

Eastway City's Militia programme is progressing as planned. Officers and NCO's are in place and conscription and recruitment fairs have been announced. Early volunteers are being offered land deeds as an incentive to enlist. The fighting force should be complete within two months with basic to advanced training beginning immediately.

Officers and NCO's from the Traveller/RAFM ranges.

Mim'n Joop Da, Baroka Businessman

Mim'n Joop Da is Eastway City Council's most controversial member. A known criminal gang boss, he has secured his place not through blackmail or threat, but by bankrolling the cities militia forces. He is a close friend of Colonel Etevino Cassado and will usually be seen attending Council meetings alongside his military partner. When not on Council business he will be found at one of his casinos or at his estate outside Eastway City. He employs a large security force at all his properties.


Mim'n Joop Da is from's SHM range (SHM31 Baroka Crime Lord) and is sculpted by Eli Arndt and is available here.