Sunday 8 April 2012

Federation Polecat - Khurasan's new light APC

Federation troops on Forsey have been reinforced by General Bedford H Baxter and the 5th Infantry Regiment of the New Vistula Legion. This is the first part of a major restructuring of Federal forces which should see state-of-the-art heavy mechanised forces being added to the existing Federal forces.

General Baxter is accompanied by Colonel Bryan Xanthoudakis of the NVL and Major Arran Reid of the Federal Army 4th Corp. General Baxter's staff car a new Federal Polecat LAPC.

Below: Polecat with Khurasan Federal Army and Oddzial Osmy New Vistula Legion

Below: Khurasan Federal Army and Odzial Ossmy New Vistula Legion

Yesterday I received the new Polecat APC from Khurasan just in time to transport my newply painted Federal command unit, which is a mix of Khurasan Federal Army and Odzial Ossmy's New Vistula Legion characters. The Polecat is a lovely little kit with a choice of weapon turrets. I've added the light weapon turret with a tiny bit of bluetac to hold it in place so that I can swap this out with the missile launcher that is also supplied. The model was extremely cleanly cast (although there was one large bubble at the lower back of the rear of the vehicle... I hid this with some weathering - the kit was too good to complain about this fault). I've shown the Polecat alongside Antenociti's Kabardin as a comparison.

The Odzial Ossmy pack of characters is a great addition to their range and brings the NVL figures to life. I'll add the other's from the pack once I get the infantry figures painted up.

I've also rebased my Khurasan Federal Army figures. Next up will be a major rebasing of the Critical Mass Arc Fleet as these are currently based in multiples and I've now decided to base individually - don't ask why, it just happened!!


Sebastian said...

Your command unit in the briefing is a brilliant on the fly vignette. Recently taken up 15mm miniatures myself and images like these only encourage my habit more ;)

Edzard said...

This looks great, I'm thinking of using the Karbardin as my High-Tech APC

The Polecat is a great addition to your force.