Saturday 18 January 2014


Hi all, Just a quick update to say that this blog is not dead... I've just been distracted by another project. I'm currently working on a 15mm Napoleonic project which means I've not been buying or painting any new 15mm scifi minis. I will return to this at some point, probably after reading a scifi book or watching a scifi film that reignites my interest.

If you're interested in what I'm doing in the meantime visit for my blog on my 1800 Austrian army and the Battle of Marengo.


Tuesday 23 April 2013

PowerArmour Squad - Eastway National Army

Renamed the Eastway National Army, in recognition of the original city guards still being in service, the ENA are starting to finalise some of its core units.

The first core unit is a PowerArmoured unit, which includes specialist troopers that are armed with new alien tech weaponry. This alien weaponry is rumoured to have been supplied by a race that is aligned against the Federal Forces.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Eastway National Guard - Command and Powered Armour

Eastway City has recently consolidated their existing properties and expanded their territory. While avoiding outright armed conflict with Federal Forces they have greatly enhanced their military assets. The Eastway Council has brought in a large force of professional soldiers and rewarded them with Citizenship and a promise of land.

The new ENG (Eastway National Guard) have met with the existing ECM (Eastway City Militia) leadership with a view to integrating their forces.

The new ENG forces include powered armour troops. These images are not the best quality and Federal Intel hopes for better quality images within the next few days.

Monday 15 April 2013

15mm Scifi Figure Comparison Part 6

It's been a while since I posted and I just spotted that I never got round to puting up the comparison shots with the Darkest Star minis I received a few months back. So better late than never, here they are...

These are (from left to right); Darkest Star Star Marauder, Khurasan Control Battalion, Critical Mass ARC Scout, Darkest Star Magravate Militia, Laserburn Starship Crewman.
And again from left to right; Darkest Star Zonii Warrior, Khurasan Control Battalion, Critical Mass ARC Scout, Darkest Star Magravate Militia, Laserburn Starship Crewman.

These are all from the 1st wave of minis released by Darkest Star for their Colony 15 range. They have since released the Spec-Sec range of anime inspires 15mm minis.

Eastway National Armed Forces - using ArmiesArmy British

I just received a large bundle of the new ArmiesArmy British forces as a thank you from Keith for designing their logo. Wow! These figures are great. They have convinced me to put away my 28mm Greek army and get back to my 15mm Scifi world. A big sorry to those who have followed the blog and have missed the regular posts.

At first look I was sure that these guys would be perfect as additional forces for my Eastway City Militia faction. The have the same rounded helmet style that the Rafm/Traveller figures have. I even painted one up to see how it looked in the same colours. I was very happy with the way the figure came out. "Perfect!", I thought.

Then I got some of the Rafm minis out of storage. And the size difference is very noticable. I knew Rafm have suffered from a couple of decades of scale creep, but I hadn't thought it would be quite as bad.

But... to be honest, the new figures from ArmiesArmy are so good that I may just retire the older rafm minis and focus on the new mini range.

Anyway, here is the 1st of the new minis, and some of the Rafm ones so you can judge for yourself how they compare....

Saturday 15 December 2012

Darkest Star Miniatures

It's been over a month since I first placed an order with Darkest Star. My order never arrived and Darby at Darkest Star has been in constant communications to sort the issue, even sending a new package - and this is after the first package had free postage to the UK.

Well, today I received two packages from Darkest Star, so the issue has been with the postal service in either the US or UK.

I need to say that Darkest Star's customer service has been outstanding... and the figures are great as well. I doubt they have made anything, except a loss, on our transaction, but what they have gained is a very happy customer who will be buying more from them.

I'll post comparison pics as soon as I can.

Thursday 11 October 2012

The Gutungi join the Federal Army

The Gutungi are the decentants of the early human colonists of the planet Gutung, a massive, heavy grav world, with an oxygen poor atmosphere. As part of the Augment process pioneered by the infamous Professor Morrow, the Gutungi have been genetically altered to survive on their world. They are shorter, but massively muscular, to survive in the heavy gravity of their homeworld, and with lungs also altered to breath the difficult atmosphere of their planet, they now need sealed armour suits to survive on planets suitable for "normal" humans.

The Gutungi will be joining the Meso-nai, an allied alien race, in the 3/14th Forsey Heavy Infantry Battalion, with support from another alien race, the Pulex, whose combat troopers wear heavy battlesuits, all transported by the Federal Army's Grizzly Transports.

The Gutungi new figures from Micropanzer. Jason has had problems with the casting of these, and it took a while to receive my order, but it was well worth the wait. This is the first trial painted mini, and I'm happy with the results. The red sensor is actually the eye on the mini, with the panel below being part of the armour, but I've painted this as a visor as I feel it fits perfectly with my other Federal troops. Here's how the Gutungi compare with my other Federals...
Left to right these are: Khurasan Federal Army, Critical Mass Arc Rifleman, Micropanzer Gutungi, Khurasan Federal Army, Khurasan Meso-Nai, Oddzial Ozmy NVL Infantry and officer.

I have a few other works-in-progress for my Federal Army. Here's some previews...