Monday 30 July 2012

15mm Romans Part 3 - Onager and Crew

After a week in Rome I had to get some more of my Roman army painted. To add to the Essex and Corvus Belli miniatures I already had I ordered some more from other companies; Lancaster, Donnington and Freicorps (from QRF).

The Donnington figures are a bit large to match those I already have but their artillery pieces are the best I've seen. Here's an Onager and crew from Donnington. The figures are great, if a little large, but I did find the tunic to be a little short, almost miniskirt length.
These are available from Donnington Miniatures here.

Federal Army Reinforcements

As the situation deteriorates on Forsey, more and more Federal Army forces are commited to keep the peace.

The Federal Mosquito drone is a n invaluable piece of equipment, enhancing the Federal forces' ability to scout it's surroundings and to keep track of insurgents and rogue militia.

One of the Federation greatest regrets arose from the early colonial period and Project Uplift. With the difficulties of colonising new worlds with environments unsuitable for normal human life, the now infamous Professor Morrow led the genetic experimentation on many Earth based species, whereby animal lifeforms were force-evolved to a physical and mental level close to humans. This process was called "uplifting" and resulted in a variety of races that were used in the terraforming process in environments where humans couldn't work.

This led eventually to the "augment" process where humans were genetically altered to survive on worlds with different gravity, climate, atmosphere or solar issues.
Unfortunatly it also led to the Uplift Wars where many of the "animan" species rebelled and fought for their sentient rights. This period of Federal history is now long past with many of the Animan races sharing equal status with their human counterparts.

The Hundar are one such race that has rose to join the ranks of the Federation. Expert hunters and trackers, Hund troops can be found in most Federal Recon units, usually alongside a Human Affiliate.

Of course, the Uplift experiments also led to the variations in the human races throughout colonised space. The Heavy Augment troops of the Federal Army are one such sub-group. Taller and stronger than normal humans, these troops make for the best assault forces.

The Mosquito is a miniture from Khurasan, and the Hunar are from Critical Mass Games, as are the Augments.

Federal Grizzly Mk2 - Dinky Stalwart Conversion

The Federal Grizzly Mk2 is the weapons platform version of the Mk1 heavy transport. With it's heavy armour and dual heavy autogun, this vehicle makes a perfect addition to the Federal Armies mobile command group in it's mission to keep the peace on Forsey.

The Grizzly is a conversion of the old Dinky Stalwart toy with added plasticard and a spare weapon from a Japanese Gundam figure. The figures are from Khurasan, Odzial Ossmy and Critical Mass Games.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

15mm Romans Part 2

I'm now working on two projects at the same time, 15mm Scifi plus 15mm Romans. I may have to do some time travelling scifi figures so I can tie these themes together and justify the Romans place on this blog. Anybody seen a 15mm scale police box miniature?

First up for the Romans is a command base with Legate, Tribune, Aquilifer and Imagifier. The Legate is from Essex and the rest are from Corvus Belli...

Next is a Ballista, not sure about the maker of the Ballista but the crew are Essex...

All are mounted on bases from

Federal Army ground mounted Laser Defence Platform

The Federal Infantry often uses ground mounted weapons to defend bases and defensive positions. The Laser Defence Platform is a quad laser that is transported by the heavy "Grizzly" transports used by most Federal units.

Federal "Agricola" Class Mecha - A Gundam for 15mm

The "Agricola" class mech is similar to the "Alexander" but is designed to carry a variety of hand-held heavy weapons including the a long range plasma flamer cannon, a weapon feared by both infantry and armoured troopers. The "Agricola" is backed up with a shoulder-mounted heavy laser.

Friday 6 July 2012

A slight deviation - 15mm Romans!!!

Every now and then I need a little break from the 15mm scifi, and last week I was possessed by the urge to finish of some old Romans that I've had for a very, very long time. I mean at least 20 years I've had these and they never got finished, and now they are, hand painted shields included! These are from Warrior Miniatures, who were a local company from Glasgow and were, and still are, really cheap little figures. They're a bit rough by modern standard ,but as nobody else I know makes 15mm testudo's, they're best around. Oh, and the Centurian is from Essex...

Federal "Augustus Rex" Class Mecha - A Gundam for 15mm

The "Augustus" Class Mecha is another of the latest high tech, one man human-form armoured vehicles available to the Federal Army, and the larger "brother" of the Alexander. The "Augustus Rex" variant is fitted with an over the shoulder, heavy multi-missile launcher. It also has large arm mounted booster engines which are used for both short jump flights and for stabilisers for when the missile launchers are fired.