Tuesday 13 December 2011

Jaka Walsh - Khurasan Bounty Hunter

Decided, just for a change of pace, to paint an individual figure. I spent a little more time and effort on this guy than I would for a figure that was part of a unit. Quite happy with the result and think I may do some more, but I'll need to find more coins the same size as this Euro 1Cent. UK pennies are too big and 5pences are too expensive.
The figure is Jaka Walsh from Khurasan...

Friday 2 December 2011

GAK Armoured Personnel Carrier

With continuing attacks from the insectoid invaders throughout the central regions of Forsey, local militias are being activated. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Eastway Motorised Rifles were recently formed amid speculation that the "Friendlies", a group of extreme militant Christian settlements to the south, were also arming large quantities of troops.
The combined Federal forces have urged calm, stating that the imminent arrival of the 23rd and 27th New Vistula Hussars would be enough to ensure the safety of colonists and natives alike in the troubled area.

The Eastway City Governing Council has stated its intention to continue arming and training troops with the expectation of having a full time professional armed force in place within months. The introduction of the GAK apc is the first step in motorising what had previously been a mostly foot infantry unit.

Heavily armoured and well armed, this apc is capable of carrying a squad of eight lightly armoured infantry and it's six-wheel configuration allows it to easily traverse the rugged Forsey terrain.

I picked up two of these APCs yesterday from Poundland for... yup £1 each. Not sure what they're supposed to be, whether a real vehicle or just a fictional vehicle, but they're perfect sized for 15mm and I'm sure the existing turret weapons could be removed and replaced.

The pics show a before and after with the vehicle on the left being the repaint and the one on the right the original out-the-box toy.

I'll post more pics once they're both painted and based. These will be transporting some old 15mm Citadel Traveller figures I've had for many a year and that I'm only just getting painted.