Monday 19 September 2011

Federal Army Combat Droids

As part of the Federal Army's Droptroop Assault Group (DAG), combat droids form a separate unit. Each section has three droids, one armed with light automatic weapons, one with a heavy laser, and the third with a heavy plasma weapon. Although able to act independently droids are always led by a human command group, consisting of an officer, communications specialist and a control droid.

The droids are Games Workshop epic scale Imperial Dreadnaughts. These metal figures were released way back when GW first started the Epic range and have been sitting unused ever since. I think they make perfect 15mm droids. Since finishing this unit I found another two of these so I've added one of the epic scale Imperial Robots that I have as an Autocannon Gunbot.

The Communications Specialist is a slightly converted ARC Droptrooper from Critical Mass while the officer is standard from the same range. The helmet has been modified on the comms trooper,and a larger backpack added using greenstuff.

Sunday 18 September 2011

Alien Plant Life Part 2

I need more scenic pieces so every time I'm out and about I keep an eye out for suitable bits of plant or twigs. These bits are made from pine cones and sticks with added green stuff and bits of dried tomato stalks...

Sunday 11 September 2011

Attempts at Sculpting - Part 3

After sculpting the vitrinid snailien, and getting some great feedback, I decided to try again. Here's the works in progress so far. One is a power armoured version of the Hhurrk low-tech reptilians I posted earlier, and the other is an insectoid. Not sure if either will be castable(?). I've also gained a greater appreciation of the professionals ability to make a range of figures that look alike - I doubt I'll be able to make more that look the same.

The insects still have the arms to get added, and I think I'll add some sort of staff to support the spindly legs which still need trimmed down a little.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Hhurrk

The Hhurrk are a species claiming to be native to Forsey, though Federal scientific reports have been unable to identify which of the sentient species calling Forsey home are actually originally from this world.

Hhurrk are large, 7 to 8 foot, reptilians. They prefer close combat and seldom use modern equipment, so tend to ambush their enemies in forested or mountainous terrain. Hhurrk Lords are usually seen wearing hi-tech power armour, so it seems that the use of low-tech weaponry is a matter of choice for Hhurrk soldiers.

The Hhurrk are actually 25mm Kobolds from the old Citadel/Chronicles range by Nick Lund. These were part of a 15mm fantasy project I started way, way back.... They make nice 15mm low-tech creatures, and I'm trying to sculpt a power armored leader to go with them.

Federal Army Bobcat

The Federal Army fields the Bobcat 4-wheel HMLCV (High Mobility Light Combat Vehicle) alongside it's Scout Recon units.

Armed with a heavy autocannon, and able traverse even the most difficult terrain, this vehicle is able to get in amongst the action wherever required.

It's been a while since I posted as I've been busy with a commission of GW Night Goblins. I've had this Bobcat from Ground Zero Games sitting for a while and thought I'd better get something posted.
I've also got some buildings started and base coated, finished a unit of low-tech reptilian aliens, and started another couple of sculpts - one an insectoid alien and the other a power-armoured leader for the low-tech reptiles.
Anyway, here's the goblin commission that has been taking up my spare time, in case your interested...