Monday 19 September 2011

Federal Army Combat Droids

As part of the Federal Army's Droptroop Assault Group (DAG), combat droids form a separate unit. Each section has three droids, one armed with light automatic weapons, one with a heavy laser, and the third with a heavy plasma weapon. Although able to act independently droids are always led by a human command group, consisting of an officer, communications specialist and a control droid.

The droids are Games Workshop epic scale Imperial Dreadnaughts. These metal figures were released way back when GW first started the Epic range and have been sitting unused ever since. I think they make perfect 15mm droids. Since finishing this unit I found another two of these so I've added one of the epic scale Imperial Robots that I have as an Autocannon Gunbot.

The Communications Specialist is a slightly converted ARC Droptrooper from Critical Mass while the officer is standard from the same range. The helmet has been modified on the comms trooper,and a larger backpack added using greenstuff.

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