Monday 2 April 2012

Mim'n Joop Da, Baroka Businessman

Mim'n Joop Da is Eastway City Council's most controversial member. A known criminal gang boss, he has secured his place not through blackmail or threat, but by bankrolling the cities militia forces. He is a close friend of Colonel Etevino Cassado and will usually be seen attending Council meetings alongside his military partner. When not on Council business he will be found at one of his casinos or at his estate outside Eastway City. He employs a large security force at all his properties.


Mim'n Joop Da is from's SHM range (SHM31 Baroka Crime Lord) and is sculpted by Eli Arndt and is available here.

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Eli Arndt said...

Love it! Nice paint job and love the background you came up with for him.