Saturday 28 April 2012

Eastway City Militia Part 3

The Eastway City's Militia recruitment has progressed well with many new soldiers ready to fight for independent choice for settlers on Forsey. Many non-combatant tech positions have also been fulfilled, ensuring that the armoured vehicles and transports are capable of moving troops into combat zones when required.

The image below shows Eastway Militia Tech crews and Militia Troops.

The Eastway City Governing Council consists of eight permanent members. Pictured below, from left to right, are Naismith Connay, Faal Birmandii, Pierre Gamby and Finn Russelle. These four form the opposition party that stands against Colonel Etevino Cassado's attempts at taking full control of the council.

The City Guard are controlled by Finn Russelle, making him the second most powerful member of the council. Connay and Gambay control the Trading and Manufacturing Unions, while Birmandii is the representative of the non-human residents of Eastway. Birmandii is also the closest to the Federation and campaigns for a peaceful settlement to the Independence issue.

The City Guard, shown below, are the best equipped troops in Eastway but very rarely see action. Their armour and weapons, including the heavy dreadnaught suits, is actually of an antique design that was introduced during the 1st Expansion from Old Earth. In fact some of the dreadnaughts are over 100 years old.

All the figures I've used are from the old Traveller range, most of which are still available from Rafm. The only exception is the alin, Faal Birmandii, who is from Brigade Games Alien Civilians pack.


Matt said...

Those are very nice! Your setting is coming together nicely too. I have an embryonic idea for a setting on a recently colonised world (less than 100 years) which loses contact / is abandoned by with Earth.

Colin Baillie said...

In my setting I'm assuming that Earth is no longer the centre of power for humanity. No political group fully controls whole planets or systems and there are certainly no Star Wars style galaxy wide empires.

The Federal States are a loose group of allied groups spanning many worlds and who's aim to is build a unified galactic Federal Republic (A Star Trek style Federation - but more military led).

I'm still looking for some alien races to use as non-human Federal Army troops.