Tuesday 3 April 2012

Phi-1DeeBee, Protocol Droid

Phi-1DeeBee is an old style protocol droid who has found himself on Forsey without an owner. Without sentient rights he is unable to look for work and his only hope for employment is to be aquired as working salvage. Unfortunatly there is little call for a droid of his age and his worry is that he will either be left to power down and picked up as scrap, or worse, he'll end up in the southern wastes where he'll be put into a pit fight against a gladiator droid.

This old droid figure is from the Traveller range and is still available from RAFM. He'd had a few coats of paint when I got him from ebay so there's a little bit of detail lost, especially at the eyes, but all in all he's still a nice wee figure.


Fjodin said...

This droid story... so sad.

Loud Ninja Games said...

I love the back story. Good use of an older mini that may be showing some wear.