Tuesday 2 August 2011

First attempt at sculpting Part 2 - The Vitrinid

The Vitrinid are a rare species, not often encountered. Their home world in unknown but they have been found throughout the galaxy. This large species, which is believed to live for hundreds of years, is most unusual in that no two are exactly alike. The amount of appendages varies greatly, as does colouration of both skin and carapace - though not all have carapaces - and they can extrude eyes at will from any part of their bodies. They communicate amongst themselves by vibratory contact but are able to communicate with humans through speech.

They are are armed with weapons that fire 6mm calcite darts at extreme velocities. These small darts, which are razor sharp and almost as hard as diamond, also vibrate causing severe damage even after the initial impact.

Vitrinids are almost impervious to most solid round firing weapons as massive tissue has to be inflicted before they are incapacitated.


inrepose said...

I like him. Could have an interesting armor statistic and perhaps an acidic snail trail or spit in close combat.

Omer Golan-Joel said...

Looks wonderful! Good job!

Joshua said...

And I bet it's even harder to get past his shell, never mind the integument!

Colin Baillie said...

LOL!! I had to go look up "integument".

Eli Arndt said...

Lovely beasty an definitely in the "weird" category.