Thursday 4 August 2011

Fyoder Water Mining Plant

Fyoder Industries hold water mining rights on Forsey - a highly lucrative contract due to the rarity of water as a commodity in the sector. Small processing plants are scattered over large areas of the planet, drawing water from both the atmosphere and the underground reserves that permeate the planet.

Fyoder's monopoly of the water production is a sore point with the general population of the planet, both native and human colonists, who feel agreived that they are forced to pay for a resource that should be rightfully theirs.

Recent attacks on Fyoder facilities has forced the corporation to station security forces at their plants, and as one of Fyoder's other major sections is Robotics most of these senties are cybernetic.

The Security Droids are programmed to defend the bases and have a tendancy to follow their orders to the extreme, making it dangerous to even approach Fyoder facilities. Droid patrols often come into conflict with the locals, causing growing tensions.

The water plant in made from some plastic from the bit's box. The figures are from The Scene (Security Bots), Ground Zero Games (The mini-mule) and worker droid is from the old Traveller range now sold by RAFM.


Matt said...

Looks good - I like sci fi buildings with circular designs!

Joshua said...

Wonderful building, accompanying terrain and figures.

A note though: RAFM, while it does sell the Traveller line, does not have that figure.