Friday 19 August 2011

Fyoder Mechanoid Defence Group

Fyoder Industries has supplimented their force of AD001 Security Droids with a new model of heavier combat droid. These Heavy Warbots, designated Wt11's and Wt12's by Fyoder Corporations Mech Division, were designed to suppliment Federal forces, but with increasing attacks on Fyoders facilities the Board decided to allocate the production models to the Security Division.

These Warbots are designated as TomCAT and WildCAT by the Federal Army and are supplied with multiple arm and weapon choices giving a large number of configurations. Fyoder currently has other weapons platforms in development.

A production line has also been set up to produce a middle weight droid to suppliment the Mechanoid Defence Groups.

The smaller droids are from The Scene, the larger are from Rebel Miniatures. I placed an order with Rebel ages ago but weeks later the order still hadn't been delivered. The guys were very helpful, resent my order, and there was a small package waiting on my return from holiday. The Scene also produce larger Battlebots, about 20mm tall, that'll I'll be getting at some point. It the meantime it's time to try and finish a group of figures from Khurasan - some little guys that make up for small size with large numbers.

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