Monday 3 September 2012

Moonside City Fabricants

Forsey owes it's status in the galaxy to it's main moon, which is one of the most resource rich moons outside Federal Space. Forsey's Child is a satellite moon lacking in any breathable atmosphere but still has a population on a similar scale to Forsey itself. It's major city is Moonside, a vast metropolis that is 90% under the surface of the moon. Suffering from massive overpopulation, the lower city is a hive of poverty and deprivation. Conditions are so bad that even the droid and fabricant population is desperate to find a way to escape down to the surface of Forsey, where the life is hard but where oppurtunities to build a life are easier to find.

These fabricants have escaped their corporate bondage and have travelled groundside as stowaways. Knowing they have no sentient rights they will do anything to avoid returning Moonside to a life in the mines or pleasure pits.

These figures are fabricants from The Departments Bladerunner inspired range.

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