Monday 3 September 2012

Got to get some painting done!!

I never seem to get the time to paint right now so I suppose I need to manage my time better. I've got a great little helicopter to get some paint on, plus I picked up one of the great Halo Micro Ops Falcon gunships. I've also got to base a set of Brigade (UK) human mercenaries that I've painted in red and black. I'm going to call this unit "The Deadpool" after a favourite Marvel mercenary superhero (?).


Just dropped through the letterbox. Khurasans Meso-Nai - these guys are going to be an alien regiment for my Federal Army - plus a pack of the Space Demons. I've held off from buying some of these Aliens for way too long.

So. Time to get the paint moving out of the bottle and onto some lead.

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