Monday 3 September 2012

15mm Scifi Figure Comparison Part 5

I've done quite a few figure size comparison posts on here but not for a while, so with a few new figures through the door recently I thought it was time for some new scale pics.

First up is the new range from The Department, which consist of Bladerunner style figures, including some really cool replicants. The figures in this range are mostly of the 18mm/larger sized figures, but the two replicants are closer to the traditional size.
Here they are alongside some other manufacturers miniatures.
These are, from left to right, Critical Mass Arc trooper, Department detective, Laserburn ships crew, Khurasan Control Battalion Riflething, Department fabricant, and Micropanzer SAS.

I also picked up a Halo Micro Ops Falcon gunship, which is supposedly 1/100 scale, so should be perfect for 15mm scifi. The packs include infantry, and I know there was a great deal of excitement that we could see official Halo minis in 15mm. Now I know that the Spartans from Halo are supposed to be a lot taller than a normal human, but these minis are huge, as you can see from the next pic...
These are, from left to right, Khurasan Meso-Nai, Khurasan Riflething, Critical Mass Arc Trooper, and lastly the Spartan figure that comes in the Falcon pack. I may use this as an advanced Augmented human and include it in my army.

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