Thursday 14 June 2012

Eastway City Spaceport - Heavy Loader

Eastway City Spaceport may not be the busiest port on Forsey, and it certainly isn't the most high-tech or modern, but it still boasts a unique mix of the old and the new, from interplanetary transports, cargo haulers, service droids, to aliens from around the galaxy.

The UBX-4593 "Ball" is just one of the cargo movers that can be seen in and around the spaceport. These heavy lifters can either be manned, remotely controled, or have AI Droid intelligence systems fitted. They are capable of working both in planetary atmospheres or in zero gravity.

Some models have also been armed, either with dual lasers or with heavy bolters. Though slow, the heavy armour of the Ball was designed to be able to withstand great pressure and is therefore a difficult target to damage, making this vehicle a favourite of some rebel or bandit groups.

 The Ball is a soft plastic Gundam Gashapon (Collectable Figure) that I picked up for less than £2 from eBay. I've tried to make the base look like a spaceport surface rather than the textured bases I usually put on the figures. The other minis are from Khurasan, Ground Zero or from the old Traveller range.


ArmybitsUK said...


really really good

That would fit into one of my colony mining battles really well. Can you do a WIP?


Colin Baillie said...

Umm, I should have done a work in progress but I got carried away and just painted it. I'm sure I posted an unpainted image a while back.

Fjodin said...

This Ball Droid is amazing!

Allison M. said...

For some reason, I wouldn't trust the AI on these things... especially with weapons!