Monday 5 March 2012


I really need to get back to this project. A not-so-brief foray into 18mm napoleonics and then finishing off some 28mm greek/macedonians means that my 15mm scifi stuff has been sitting way too long untouched. Plus I'm on the verge of rebasing my figures onto individual bases!!! All I need is bases that are the right size, cheao and easy to come by.

Edit: Since posting this I've ordered a couple of packs of 15mm circular bases from Warbases. Once these arrive I'll be popping some of the painted figures off there bases and individually basing them.

Also, I've just received a pack of Alien Civilians from Brigade Games. These are great little figures, full of character, that will be getting painted and stuck onto the new bases when they arrive.


Lead Legion said...

I recommend Warbase

Very reasonable prices for 2mm thick 15mm bases from mdf and fairly cheap postage. All my recent 15mm Khuradan miniatures are based on them. Actually, I'm about to order more.

Mark said...

I second Warbases. I would use nothing else.

Colin Baillie said...

Thanks Guys,

Ordered some bases from warbases. Now to wait for them to arrive to rebase a pile of figures.