Monday 19 March 2012

15mm Laserburn Mercenary in Dreadnaught Armour

I first got into 15mm scifi way, way, way back when I was in school, when I ordered some figures that I had seen advertised in White Dwarf (before it only had GW products). I remember asking my mum for a cheque and having to hand over my savings. A couple of weeks later I had a copy of Laserburn, the Assualt on Hanger 13 (I think that was what it was called) scenario pack with figures, plus a selection of other minis. I still have all those figures, even though many others I've bought over the years have since been sold off. Even now, with so many great companies producing fantastic figures for 15mm scifi, I still think some of the Laserburn figures can stand up against newer figures and look as good.

My favourite figure must have been the dreadnaught armoured mercenary. It's a little short by modern figure standards but it looks great. It's one of those armour designs you could imagine being able to take a pounding and still keep coming. It's still available from

I painted this years ago, and since it's 1st coat, has only had some slight retouching. I hope you like it...


Matt said...

A great paint job of an old sculpt. It's easy to overlook the Laserburn range given all the new stuff on the market, but your post illustrates there's still lots of potential in the range.

Joshua said...

I dig the little free hand bits you've added. Really livens it all up!