Thursday 11 October 2012

Loud Ninja Games - Space Raptors

I've just completed a graphic design project for Eli Arndt to help him launch his Space Raptor range. This included doing a logo for his company, Loud Ninja Games, plus branding for the Chuhuac, the Space Raptors.

Here's what Eli says about his project...
"Loud Ninja Games is a new miniatures company that I decided to start to bring out some amazing ideas that have been trapped in the recesses of my imagination for years. To kick off the company I chose to run with one of my oldest and most dear concepts - science fiction Velociraptor style aliens.
"These "Space Raptors" have been a dream of mine for over a decade now. I had doodled them, thought about them, planned them, even used them in role-playing games and so it only seemed natural that, when I decided to start my own miniatures line, they be the flagship release.
"When it comes down to it, how can you not love the idea of one of prehistory's most efficient and thrilling predators, tricked out with armor, guns, gear and zooming through the cosmos. What is more evocative than the image of armored raptor warriors darting across the battlefield, raining down a hail of energy bolts from their advanced weapons, eventually closing with their enemies to put them under a sickle claw."

Eli has started a Kickstarter for his range, so jump on board and sign up. The more who back this range, the more figures we'll have to play with.

You can sign up at Kickstarter, here...

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