Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Are these the Droids you're looking for?

Fyoder is not only a dumping ground for all sorts of human or alien refugees hoping to make a new life, but also the destination of a variety of robots, droids, automatons and other artificial lifeforms. Many are out-moded antiques, while others are state-of-the-art scientific models.

Below are a selection of the droids that you could encounter on Forsey.

The Droids in the pictures are;
Top picture from left to right - Traveller/Rafm workbot, a tracked droid with comms array from, Traveller/Rafm Droid, Armoured Sentry Droid from, Mk II Law Enforcement Droid from Laserburn/, plus a laserburn civilian for scale.
Bottom picture from left to right - A four legged domestic service droid from, Traveller/Rafm Combat Droid, Laserburn Sandar Worker Droid from, a Starship Servo Droid with repair tools from, a Ground Zero Games Workbot, and the Laserburn civilian again.


Dan said...

These are nice, good job.

Lead Legion said...

Yup. Lovely painting,

Fjodin said...

Great droids!

Gunrunner said...

yes indeed, Nice work!