Monday, 30 April 2012

Federal Army Specialist Assault Team

The SATs (Specialist Assault Teams) are one of the Federal Armies most unique forces. Unit composition is left up to the individual team's commanding officer. Team Alpha Two Five (SAT_A25) is commanded by two officers, supported by a comms droid.

The main fighting force consists of some of the best hand-picked troopers from the Federal Droptrooper units. These soldiers are given more freedom to pick armour and weapons than regular infantry.

Federal Augments are specially bred soldiers who are taller, stronger and faster than a normal human. They go through intense psycholological and physical training and although they are amongst the fiercest of fighters in the Federal Army they also have a reputation for their high moral values.

By adding a M-6756 Heavy Sentry Gunbot to the unit, you have one of the best equipped and strongest units currently available to the Federal command.

Below is a comparison shot of various Federal troops, showing from left to right, Federal Rifle Infantryman, Federal Augmented Droptrooper, SAT Droptrooper, Federal Marine Officer, Federal Light Infantryman, Federal Senior Officer.

The Federal Army miniatures are a mix of Critical Mass Games ARC troops with an EM4 mech, with some Odzial Ossmy and Khurasan for variety.


Lead Legion said...

Very nice combination of ranges. They look great together.

Kull said...

Can I ask you exactly how tall are those CMG "augments" minis?

Are they sensibly taller than 'normal' 15mm humans?

Like 18-20mm????

Colin said...

The CMG Augments that I have are around 21mm from sole of the foot to top of the head. That's not counting the height of the base which is quite thick. They are meant to be large, augmented humans in powered armour so they look fine against smaller figures.

Kull said...

thank you again Colin, I was hoping that they looked larger, seems now I can order some!