Saturday, 28 April 2012

Federal M-6756 Heavy Sentry Gunbot

The Federation has deployed two M-6756 Heavy Setry Gunbots to Forsey to help protect Federal forces. These heavily armed droids, who are programmed with advanced indepentent AI, can withstand most weapons that any faction on Forsey can field and their heavy lasers are strong enough to take out almost every enemy armour that they will encounter. Their only drawback is that although highly maneuverable they lack speed, meaning that they need to be transported to where they are needed.

The Gunbot is a plastic miniature available from EM4's Steel Warriors set. Very cheap these. This one has been sitting around for quite a while but now that he's done I'm very happy with how he looks. I'll be doing droid no2 soon.


Kull said...

Great, now I need to buy some EM4 mechas as well!

Hehe, at least they're not that expensive!


Lead Legion said...

Nice paint job. The EM4 models are cheap and cheerful, but don't look like much on the sprue. Having now seen another example of them painted up, I'll need to fish that last sprue out of my bit box again.

Colin said...

At around £2.99 of eBay these are great value. And worth getting just for the weapons.