Monday, 14 May 2012

DPRG (Democratic People's Republic of Glory) Regular Army

The Federal forces on Forsey were disappointed and concerned by reports that the DPRG (Democratic People's Republic of Glory) Regular Army has recently began supplying troops and arms to the Eastway Militia. DPRG sources have claimed that these forces are only there in an advisory position and that if the Federal Army can field troops for peace-keeping purposes then there is no reason why they can't.

Federal Forces have responded by stationing the Frankfurt class Escort Cruiser FSS Marshall Hemson to Forsey with a promise to reinforce with more ships if needed.

The DPRG are from the new Tomorrow's War official 15mm miniatures range that Ground Zero Games are producing in association with Ambush Alley Games. Each pack contains 10 figures; two each of 5 different sculpts (Squad Leader, kneeling and advancing riflemen, advancing SAW gunner and prone SAW gunner firing). These are a really nice set of figures and I look forward to this range being expanded. The figure were very cleanly cast, with almost no flash. The only issue seemed to that the officers helmet needed a little cleaning up. All in all, and impresive start to a range, but we are talking about GZG, so quality is to be expected.

The Cruiser is from Ground Zero's Full Thrust range.

Here is an image with the new DPRG shown alongside other popular figures for comparison.

These are, from left to right, DPRG from GZG, Sepulveda Resistance from Khurasan, ARC Rifleman from Critical Mass, Federal Army from Khurasan, Alien Bounty Hunter from Brigade Models UK, and a Traveller Militia from RAFM.

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Gunrunner said...

All very nice, Colin. Good to see some of the new GZG minis with a dab of paint. Thanks for posting these!