Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Bounty hunters. We don't need that scum."

Hebroc's Dogs - Hunters for Hire.
You have Wanted men? The Dogs will get your Bounty.
"We call our No1 Team the "Eyes, Ears and Nose". They have the best senses in the Galaxy. Nobody can escape our men. Abaal has the muscle and the ultrasonic sensors, Gaff Renoll has the speed and olifactory senses of a bloodhound, and Oobbo Siln has the optics and sharpshooting skills to match any marksman. When you hire our men you know we will succeed."
Null Hebroc, Proprietor of Hebroc's Dogs, Bounty Hunting to Order.

Here are the new Bounty Hunters from Brigade Models, UK. I love these guys. Especially the big guy with the ears. Reminds me of Briaros from the Appleseed anime. There are another two figures in this set but unfortunately the ankle of the "captive" figure was miss-cast, which I didn't notice until I was gluing him to his base and his leg collapsed. So a bit of greenstuff needs added before I finish him off.

These are sculpted by the hugely talented PF and I haven't seen anybody else who can sculpt this delicately in 15mm. The Brigade range of his minis are great. When you look at the unpainted figures they look way too small and delicate to mix with other brands, but once painted these figures look fine. I'll be painting the Human Mercenary pack soon, so watch out for a blog posting off these.

I've also finished painting the Federal Army troops from Khurasan and I've based a couple with the last of my bases from Warbases. I need to order yet another couple of packs this week.


PF said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like those guys. Cool painting and nice shading.


Fjodin said...

Love them! Need to buy some mercs :)

Paul G. said...

The Mercs are from Brigade Models in the UK not Brigade Games in USA.

Lead Legion said...

I've never noticed those bounty hunter mini's in their range before. They look great.