Friday, 25 May 2012

ROSK Infiltration Team - Test Paint

I picked up a pack of Armies Army's ROSK infantry this week - these are great figures from a new company, and for a first release I'm really impressed. You get 10 figures, an officer, two heavy weapons, and seven riflemen - all unique sculps and all at £3.50 a pack. There was very little flash on these and very slight mold lines. I've only painted one so far, just as a tester, and decided to paint it to match the recent Ground Zero DPRG figures that I'd painted (these are pictured alongside the ROSK at the bottom). I think I'm happy with the result, but any comments would be appreciated....

Also, any suggestions for a 15mm version of this guy?


Mark said...

Maybe some conversion work on the guy second from the right here?

Armies Army said...

or give it a few weeks for my commisioner to come out:) Hes got no sword, however should be easy to replace the pistol with a sword

Anonymous said...


I would use the officer from Irregular`s Early Colonial Brits range. Look at the photo w. the artillery crew.
Cut off the hand with sabre, pose it in a position you like and fix the hand/sabre with green stuff. Add the hussar jackte and modify cap with green stuff, too.

Lobo said...

Probably a ww2 German officer figure? (btw, I found the follow button! ^^' - I'm in!!)