Monday, 28 May 2012

Are these the droids you're looking for - Part 2

Fyoder has a growing population of robots, droids, automatons and other artificial lifeforms. While a lot of those are military, many more are worker droids, whether there to service incoming freighters and transports, or to keep the streets clean in places such as Eastway City. Below is another selection of the droids that you could encounter on Forsey.
The Droids in the pictures are;
Top picture from left to right - A space janitor from Khurasan for scale, an epic scale droid from Games Workshop, Khurasan's Duke painted as a worker bot rather than as the bounty hunter's companion, another epic scale droid from Games Workshop, and a cleaner droid from Hobby Products.
Bottom picture from left to right - A security droid from Hobby Products, another epic scale droid from Games Workshop, a 28mm droid from GW/Citadel's Paranoia range, and the space janitor from Khurasan for scale again.
I wasn't happy with the photo of the Paranoia droid so here's some individual shots...

Next up I'm going to finish my second Federal Grizzly. These are made using old old Dinky Stalwarts with the new model having an added weapon from a soft plastic Gundam model.


Matt said...

Great collection of droids!

Armies Army said...

Love the dinky conversions

really do. Im thinking they could be used for several types

Dan said...

Great looking drones, well done.