Monday, 11 July 2011

The Scene Battle Robots

I had finished these Battle Robots (not-Terminators) from The Scene a few weeks ago but the more I looked at them in the base metal paint scheme, the more I though they were a bit predictable.
After reading "The Clockwork Traitor", part of the Family D'Alembert series from EE Doc Smith / Stephen Golding, I decided to repaint these as Security Bots with yellow shoulder flashes. The book features a villian obsessed with mechanical perfection who has an army of droids protecting his main facility. This made me think "why have an army of terminators?" when I could do something a little different.
I decided that these will be part of a human led, corporate force. I have some CAT powerarmour/droids enroute from Rebel minis that'll be the heavy hitters of this army, and once those have arrived, I'll order some Earth Force Infiltrators as the human units.

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