Sunday, 24 July 2011

Federal Droptroopers

The Federal Army responds to threats with heavy hitting infantry teams of Droptroopers. Only the fittest and strongest soldiers are recruited into the ranks of these elite units.

Compared to the soldiers of the Recon Battalions the Droptroopers are much taller and imposing, and with their heavier armour and special training give the Federal Army a cutting edge that their opponents struggle to match...

The Droptroopers are carried into combat in Falcon Dropships. These fast moving ships can drop from orbit and can carry a full squad of infantry along with a Racoon ARV.

The Droptroops are from Critical Mass Games and the dropship is a work in progress from an old Star Wars model picked up cheaply from eBay. The other side still needs painted and there is a brocken weapon that needs replacing.


Eli Arndt said...

These are awesome pics and an awesome toy conversion.

Colin said...

Thanks Eli, I must say though, that there was no need for any conversion on the dropship, just a repaint. Which reminds me, I really need to get that finished!!!

Kull said...

What was the name of the Star Wars toy?

Official names help a lot when looking for a particular piece on Ebay, you know!


Colin said...

My dropship is a repainted Star Wars AST-5 Mini Rig with no conversion work done at all... well not yet. I think I may need to source landing gear. I think parts from a GW Tau gunship may suit.

Armies Army said...

Love those dropships

so much Ive bought two

go really nice with my armiesarmy Neo Sov Ruskies