Sunday, 31 July 2011

Federal Army

The Federal Army has sent a small taskforce to the planet Forsey to assist the Fyoder Corporation. Water mining rights on the planet have been openly disputed by the Nationalist Independence Party resulting in armed conflict with the corporations security. Fyoder Corp has asked for mediation in the ongoing conflict and is threatening to send in it's own forces to protect it's facilities if issues are not resolved. The Nationalists meanwhile deny any attacks on Fyoder's properties but have stated that they will defend their territory against Federal incursions.

This is my Federal Army forces so far. I think I'll take a break from these as I want to add some alien races to the collection. I have some new figures on order that should hopefully arrive soon. Meanwhile I have to work my way through a large painting commission of Night Goblins.


inrepose said...

Following your lead on those toy cars, I managed to grab two of the bigger dinky ones and a couple of the Matchbox models. Now just need to get to work on the conversions. Great tips!

Colin said...

My biggest tip is that the front window on the Dinky truck was created using the plastic strengthener from inside one of our kids new school shirt collar. Everything else is just 1.5mm acetate/plastic sheet. (The decals on the roof are from FOW Italian tanks).

Please let me know when you've finished your conversions. I'd love to see what you do.

Love the Gruntz site and your videos. Alongside Dropship Horizon it was the inspirations for starting these figures and my blog.

PMMDJ said...

What's the big vehicle in the back on the left? Looks familiar, but the source escapes me.

Colin said...

@PMMDJ, the big vehicle is a converted Dinky Stalwart that I'd had since I was very young.