Friday, 15 July 2011

Federal Army Armoured Personnel Transports

The Federal Army has a vast selection of vehicles to choose from for each mission, though they are not always at the cutting edge of technology. Anti-grav vehicles are expensive to operate and more costly to replace, so often tried and tested wheeled vehicles are used.

The workhorses of the Federal Army are the Racoon ARV and Grizzly Heavy Transport. Both vehicles have had many variants with field modifications adding to the variety of models availiable.

The larger vehicle has been converted from an old Dinky Stalwart that had been sitting in the garage - in fact, I think I've had this since I was in primary school - and the smaller vehicles are modified Matchbox Armoured Responce Vehicles. So all in all this set of vehicles has cost less than £10. The figures are ARC Recon from Critical Mass Games.


Nicholas Caldwell said...

I like the up-armored ARVs. Still trying to decide how to paint mine.

Kull said...

The Dinky Stalwart looks GREAT side by side the Matchbox ARVs!!!!

They really look like different vehicles from the same line, I guess much merit is due to the additional armoured panel!