Friday, 6 July 2012

Federal "Augustus Rex" Class Mecha - A Gundam for 15mm

The "Augustus" Class Mecha is another of the latest high tech, one man human-form armoured vehicles available to the Federal Army, and the larger "brother" of the Alexander. The "Augustus Rex" variant is fitted with an over the shoulder, heavy multi-missile launcher. It also has large arm mounted booster engines which are used for both short jump flights and for stabilisers for when the missile launchers are fired.


Jeff Worley said...

Now that is lovely. I'm not normally into the Gundam style mechs but that's great. Is this another Gashapon or some other kit!


Colin said...

Jeff, it's another gashapon from the Gundam S.O.G. (Strategy of Gundam) series.

Dan said...

He's a brute, great looking 15mm walker.