Monday, 30 July 2012

Federal Army Reinforcements

As the situation deteriorates on Forsey, more and more Federal Army forces are commited to keep the peace.

The Federal Mosquito drone is a n invaluable piece of equipment, enhancing the Federal forces' ability to scout it's surroundings and to keep track of insurgents and rogue militia.

One of the Federation greatest regrets arose from the early colonial period and Project Uplift. With the difficulties of colonising new worlds with environments unsuitable for normal human life, the now infamous Professor Morrow led the genetic experimentation on many Earth based species, whereby animal lifeforms were force-evolved to a physical and mental level close to humans. This process was called "uplifting" and resulted in a variety of races that were used in the terraforming process in environments where humans couldn't work.

This led eventually to the "augment" process where humans were genetically altered to survive on worlds with different gravity, climate, atmosphere or solar issues.
Unfortunatly it also led to the Uplift Wars where many of the "animan" species rebelled and fought for their sentient rights. This period of Federal history is now long past with many of the Animan races sharing equal status with their human counterparts.

The Hundar are one such race that has rose to join the ranks of the Federation. Expert hunters and trackers, Hund troops can be found in most Federal Recon units, usually alongside a Human Affiliate.

Of course, the Uplift experiments also led to the variations in the human races throughout colonised space. The Heavy Augment troops of the Federal Army are one such sub-group. Taller and stronger than normal humans, these troops make for the best assault forces.

The Mosquito is a miniture from Khurasan, and the Hunar are from Critical Mass Games, as are the Augments.

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