Sunday, 17 June 2012

Starship Crew, Pilots and Spacers

Trading and intersteller commerce brings many ships crews to Forsey and to Eastway City Spaceport. The crew of the free-trader Sanchuniathon, who recently arrived on planet on one of their heavy cruiser's CLBs (Cargo Landing Boat), have found themselves trapped in Eastway City due to the trade embargo currently being enforced by Federal forces to try and halt the arming of the Eastway Militia by the DPRG and ROSK alliance.

Although they have a uniform look in the colour of their gear, it can be seen that a huge variety of equipment is used by this crew. This is typical of most independant free-trader crew members, whereas crews from the large corporate ships have more uniform gear.

The figures are a selection of spacesuited figures that I've either picked up resently or were hanging around the collection for many years. I wanted them to look like a crew that was aiming for some uniformity but who had many different additions to their collective gear over the years. From left to right these are: Khurasan's Jaka Walsh, a Traveller/Rafm female from the Space Vixens set, a pilot from's Starfighter crew, a Traveller figure from Rafm's Crewmen set, an old out-of-production figure from Hobby Products, another Traveller figure in padded armour from Rafm, and the other pilot from I know there are other figures out there, especially some great ones from Ground Zero, but I already had all these.


Lead Legion said...

Really nice. They'd be great figures for a game of Traveller or a Prometheus/Alien themed game.

Dan said...

Great looking figs, they fit well together.