Friday, 15 June 2012

Mecha using Gundam Gashapons (Collectable Figures)

My last two posts were of Gundam gashapon miniatures, japanese collectible figures based on the Gundam anime series', that I had repainted as a 15mm mecha and a cargo lifter. I've now got a few of these minis in the pianting queue and thought I'd do a work in progress. So here's the collection of unpainted figures so far...

The one at the back left has been started, as has the one at the right, but the others are straight out of the box, and as you can see are possible usable as they are.

The Gundam on the right was the latest to arrive and like the rest cost between £2 and £4, so really cheap for what you get. This is top of the painting list. I've already base coated the main body as you can see. The figure comes apart and can be posed as you like. Here it is broken down so you can see the componant parts.

As you can see, there is plenty of scope for conversion with these, and with a little work I'm sure you could mix and match the parts. Here's another broken down ready for painting.

I'll post more pics of the works in progress as I continue. Next step is to undercoat these in black. While that's drying I'll be finishing of a selection of Spacesuited crew and pilots from various manufacturers.


Allison M. said...

My only problem with using Gundams this way is that they'll always look like... Gundams. They're awfully distinctive. But the price is certainly right and with some judicious conversion and painting they'll still look cool.

Colin said...

I know they look like Gundams, but I like Gundams and have no problem with that. It's the same as having aliens or an APCs that look like they're from Aliens, or VTOLs that look like the ones from Avatar. I now have 8 of these to paint!!

Lobo said...

I think I'll do the same... you had a nice idea my friend! :)