Monday, 26 March 2012

Eastway City Militia Part 1 - Commanders

Eastway City Governing Council assigned the command of their Militia forces to the veteran soldier, Colonel Etevino Cassado. Assisted by his ever-present Aide-de-camp Maria Zadgorski, he aims to form the undisiplined Militia units into a cohesive fighting force. He also has ambitions of becoming a political leader and has his sights set on control of the Governing Council. He is a firm believer in independance for the people of Forsey and openly speaks out against Fyoder Industries stranglehold on the planet. He has also show a distrust of the Federal Peacekeeping forces, who he believes are only there at the bequest of Fyoder. Cassado is always accompanied by armed guards wherever he goes.

Cassado and his entourage are from the old Traveller range of figures. I picked these up recently from eBay and they were in great condition for their age. These are still available from RAFM in the Space Vixens, Planetary Militia, and Crewmen sets.


Spacejacker said...

Great work! I've been waiting for the right moment to paint mine.. I jst need a theme as catchy as yours :)

Lead Legion said...

Very nice work.