Tuesday, 27 March 2012

15mm Scifi Miniatures Comparison Pt3

Today I received an order from Khurasan. I've come to expect the very best from this company and I wasn't disappointed.

I'd ordered a pack of Control Battalion Infantry, a pack of Control Battalion Command, the Commercial Freighter Crew (the crew from Alien), and a pack of the new Government Forces in Power Armour. 

The first packs I opened were the Control Battalions. These are great, crisply designed figures, perfectly in scale with the newer and larger 15mm scifi ranges. Obviously these match with the Sepulvedan Resistence figures - and they are armed with the same weapons - so I plan to use these as the same faction.

Next I opened the Commercial Freighter Crew. My first thought was the oppisite of when I opened the SHM aliens from 15mm.co.uk earlier this week - where those were bulky, large figures, these were really quite small. I had to grab an old Traveller figure to compare right away. And these ARE small, with the figures shorter than the old figures I had from 20 years ago - I'm not sure why Khurasan have opted for smaller figures when so many they produce are that little bit bigger. Size aside, they are great figures, and I'm looking forward to watching Alien again to get the colours for these.

Lastly, I opened the Government Forces in Power Armour figures... now these guys are BIG!! And I don't mean that the look out of scale. I mean they look like how GWs Space Marines should look compared to other human figures in the same scale. They are fantastic, absolutely stunning, and I'm hoping that Khurasan expands this faction. These armoured troopers are going to be perfect for the security forces of my Fyoder Industries faction - tough, heavy, and intimidating - just great for supressing the locals.

Here's a comparison shot of these figures alongside some others from various other manufacturers...

Left to right, these are: Laserburn Crewman, Khurasan Control Battalion, Traveller Militia, Micropanzer SAS, Khurasan Freighter Crew (x2), Khurasan Government Forces Power Armour, and a Traveller Mid-Tech Trooper.
**Oops - I've just noticed the "Ripley" figure is facing the wrong way**


Mr. Harold said...

I love how the Power armor guys scale up... one of the reasons I chose 15mm, so I can have larger "powered armor" guys scale up properly to normal humans.

PMMDJ said...

Yep, that Powered Armor just became a must-have.