Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chewke Attack!!

Report: 25739-656
Date Ref: 311.56/45 (ED 22/11/2311)
Unit Ref: Ind.Recc.Squad 2, 58th Infantry Special Forces Brigade, Federal 2nd Army Forsey.
Subject: Mid Sector Fyodor Water Mine 378 Defence

Reporting: Sgt. Artur Meade (Marksman 1st Class)
"On Nov 22 ED, Independant Recon Squad 2 were tasked with scouting the area around a Fyoder Industries water mine 49 clicks north of the temporary station midway on Highway 7. Reports of attacks on Fyoder facilities in this area by seperatist forces suggested that this would be the next target. The main 8 man patrol, led by 2LT Weihagan, left on patrol of the area leaving myself, Sgt Meade, in a covered position."
"I then contacted the group to say he was under attack from hostile forces. I must also report that the hostiles were not seperatists, or even one of the low tech local tribes, but small insectoid aliens of a previously unknown race."

"I defended my position for as long as possible then withdrew with a full report of the enemy forces composition and strength. The small creatures were well armed and had the support of various large insectoid creatures. The full data has been passed to Intel for analysis but confirmation of this enemies existence will reshape the military planning of this sector. (Deleted as opinion only). 

NOTE: One interesting image that Sgt. Meade supplied suggested that these small creatures were actually an advance force to a larger insectoid species. 


Relic said...

Looking great! gotta love those Chewks, and that centipede fits nicely with them. Looking forward of seeing some Chewk action!


Yeah man top notch army that you have got there!.