Sunday, 13 November 2011

15mm Scifi Miniatures Comparison Pt1

I've always found it useful to see comparison shots netween different ranges and manufacturers of miniatures so when I received my new 15mm Vistula Legion from Oddzial Osmy (fighting15s) I thought I'd let you see how they compare to some other minis. I've also included some Spugs and Chewks as I'm using those in a new faction. I'd wanted to include some Khurasan Federals but I didn't have any that were unbased.

These are:
1. Arc Recon Trooper with sniper rifle from Critical Mass Games
2. New Vistula Legion specialist from Oddzial Osmy
3. Spug drone from Spriggan Miniatures
4. SAS Infantry with plasma rifle from Micropanzer
5. Chewke from Khurasan Miniatures

I hope you find this helpful.

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