Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Federal Army Samson Medium Tracked Tank

The Federal Army Samson Medium Tracked Tank is armed with a turret mounted medium plasma gun with a coaxial HMG, and autotrack gatling gun on top of the turret.

This tracked vehicle is a move away from the more mobile, wheeled armoured vehicles that the Federal Army has been using on Forsey, but the deployment of these vehicles clearly indicates the fears that the crisis is threatening to escalate to full scale war.

The Samson is one of Khurasans fantastic new models, available here, and comes in tracked and grav versions. They've also released an APC that I'll get at some point as well. Also shown in the Polecat from Khurasan, and the bottom pics have my Stalwart conversions and Ancetoni's Kabardin APC.

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