Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Hhurrk

The Hhurrk are a species claiming to be native to Forsey, though Federal scientific reports have been unable to identify which of the sentient species calling Forsey home are actually originally from this world.

Hhurrk are large, 7 to 8 foot, reptilians. They prefer close combat and seldom use modern equipment, so tend to ambush their enemies in forested or mountainous terrain. Hhurrk Lords are usually seen wearing hi-tech power armour, so it seems that the use of low-tech weaponry is a matter of choice for Hhurrk soldiers.

The Hhurrk are actually 25mm Kobolds from the old Citadel/Chronicles range by Nick Lund. These were part of a 15mm fantasy project I started way, way back.... They make nice 15mm low-tech creatures, and I'm trying to sculpt a power armored leader to go with them.

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